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Hello “Mom Bod”

Hello Mom Bod:


Hello mom bod! Met up with @dailyroutinefitness for a quick hang and work out and she asked me what my workout goals were and i haven’t really thought about it since being pregnant. My current work out routine consists of breast feeding, keeping up with a toddler and having three flights of stairs in our home.  So fitness isn’t my top priority at the moment but my goals would probably be something like fit into my old jeans and get a six pack.  But if I’m being more realistic it’s to feel good in my own skin and not be completely winded after going up the stairs in my own house. Yes, my tummy hangs over my pants and multiple parts of my body jiggle, and honestly, I’m too tired to care. I know one day I’ll feel more ambitious and my goals will be higher but for now it’s accepting my changing body and pushing the stroller uphill without getting cramps…

Training for Life:


When I sat down with Adrienne and chatter over goals, we focused on obtainable, realistic and things she can do at home. I’m very aware not everyone has access to a gym, have a fancy studio membership or the gift of some alone time to focus on your goals without a child hanging off you. So creating workouts we can do at home while juggling the daily demands of Motherhood is not only important its also essential for our health.

So Adrienne and I put together a workout to keep you sweating (and move out the crazy) over this Holiday season!

Just a couple tips before you get started:

  1. Have grace for yourself. 

If you find you need to take more breaks then you expected, you feel the need to throw up or your child is screaming at you for attention…Have grace. Change is challenging both physically and mentally..Also our kids can add some interesting dynamics to our new workout routine. If at first you don’t succeed, TRY again and again! Your body will adjust, it will get easier and your wonderful little child will realize this is the new routine.

2. Refuel.

Often times we start new routines and then give our bodies nothing to fuel up with, leaving us craving sugar or excess carbohydrates. After sweating it out, make sure you re-hydrate with some H2O and a combination of protein and carbohydrates.

Check out my recipe section for some easy refuel ideas.

3. Write your goals down.

The simple task of writing down what you want, where you are going and what your commitment to yourself is going to be, will keep you on track when motivation gives you the cold shoulder. I promise you will not feel like doing this everyday, but the hard days are often the most important days! This journey is not just about the physical strength it’s also about the mental strength you’re cultivating as you prove to yourself you can do this!

Now the workout:

  • Equipment needed: -Bodyweight, free weights or small child
  • Repetitions: 15-20 (We are training for endurance here) 8-12 (For hypertrophy and muscle building)
  • Rounds: 3-4 Depending on our physical fitness
  • For a little extra burn;) Add a cardio element in between each one of these movements. 45-60 seconds of Burpies, jumping jacks, squats jumps or high knees.


Keep knees over ankles, core engaged and press that booty back


Press through your front heel, shoulders over hips and bring that back knee right above the floor

Shoulder press

Core engaged, small bend in knees, press arms above head and keep a small micro bend in that elbow in full extension.

Russian twist

Draw your rib cage down and in to engage your abs. Keep your chest lifted, shoulder blades down the back and slowly twist side to side.


Shoulders over elbow, core engaged and squeeze through your glutes. Very important for new Moms to watch any tension their lower back on this one and if it feels like its straining your belly, simply perform the hold on your knees.

Tag us in your workout and Enjoy the Holidays friends~~*

Rachel & Adrienne

Special thanks to Bethany Menzel for modelling in these photos;)

And Megan Bustard for her incredible photography skills.

Love you ladies!



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